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Zimbabwe Assignment

This country is one of the most economically distressed countries in the world. The unemployment rate is over 80%. Inflation is over 1,600% per year. Thirty five percent of the population is HIV positive. The country has been ruled for 28 years by an autocratic Marxist. It certainly is not an attractive destination for foreign investment. Waltradecc was hired to look at the situation and make an investment recommendation for a major client. Our analysis found the following positive factors:
  1. Zimbabwe holds 50% of the world platinum deposits,
  2. Zimbabwe has massive deposits of coal, nickel, gold,
  3. Zimbabwe still has an excellent infrastructure including roads,airports,etc.
Waltrade,cc spent a lot of time looking at the presidential elections and the prospects for a regime change. We interviewed people "on the ground" who risked arrest and imprisonment to tell the truth. At the end of this process we reached the conclusion that a positive regime change would come soon. We recommended that an investment be made. When the client approved this, Waltrade,cc worked with the Southern African specialty investment firm Imara SP Reid Pty Ltd to implement the actual investment.