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Current Assignment


    Colombia is a country of over 40 million people. It has been involved in a violent three-party civil war for over thirty years. It is infamous as a center for drug dealing and international organized crime. Political kidnappings and terrorist attacks are a daily occurrence. It is a dangerous place to do business. It is also a country with large oil, coal, gold, platinum, and other mineral resources. It has a highly-educated and skilled population. Waltrade,cc saw its potential.

    A major European resources company retained Waltrade,cc to study ways to develop Colombian coal resources. We first looked at establishing stable supplies of coal for the European market. This was a challenge because of Colombia's image problems in the world. We slowly developed European buyers for Colombian coal. We had the additional challenge of organizing logistics to ship large quantities of coal from Colombia to Europe.

    Waltrade's second goal with respect to coal was to develop investor interest in Colombia's coal resources. Negotiations were undertaken with Coal India Limited. These will eventually result in a large capital investment in Colombian coal resources.

    Waltrade,cc was also asked to look at the Colombian gold and platinum producers. Several mines with good resources and capable management were identified. Our European resources company decided to establish a relationship with the Royal Canadian mint to sell gold and platinum. Making this happen was a challenge. Buyers had to be convinced that mines were dependable and free of organized crime influences. These mines were subject to rigorous screening by the Canadian government and the US Department of Homeland Security. Major gold and platinum shipments to Canada are now a reality.