Waltrade, cc
3087 Elk Ridge Court
San Jose, Califonia 95136
650-735-5884 (Phone)
650-557-0823 (Fax)
650-722-6463 (Car Phone)


South African Office
Second Floor
First National Bank Building

Nort Point
Port Elizabeth, South Africa 6250
27-41-484-3463 (Phone)
27-41-487-3140 (Fax)


Argentina Office
Ave. Pedro Goyenas, 373
Apto 3D
1424 Buenos Aires, Argentina
408-396-5718 (Phone)
(iDEN Push To Talk)


The 8-Year Challenge

The United States:
A major telecommunications equipment manuifacturer experienced a boom in sales. When market conditions changed, the company found itself with over $2 million US dollars in unsold inventory. To make matters worse, this inventory was highly specialized components used to make Motorola iDEN trunking and cellular phone sites automatic with increased productivity. Waltrade,cc was hired to prevent a major loss. A study of the US mobile telephone market was undertaken. A company specializing in providing cellular phone service to small towns and rural areas was identified. Contacts were made and a business relationship was extablished. On the international front, Waltrade,cc identified customers for these components in Brasil, Peru, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,and Mexico. The unsold inventory was sold and an additional $6 million US dollars in sales generated.